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Bankers Capital Corporation provides real estate financing options to purchasers of commercial income and owner-occupied properties, and offers the owner, investor, or developer single-stop financing programs that address individual borrowing needs. Bankers Capital Corporation understands what lenders are looking for in new borrowers and how to clearly define the needs of a borrower for lenders.

Bankers Capital Corporation was formed in 1990 when founder and president Douglas Batson saw an opportunity to put 25 years of diverse real estate financing and banking experience into action. At that time, the Texas economy had been devastated with the recession of the late 1980s. Banks weren’t lending and 75% of existing savings and loan associations had failed.

While recent economic conditions have improved, borrowers still must navigate the latest regulations under which lenders must operate. This leaves many borrowers in lender limbo trying to understand why it is so difficult to establish financing for their real estate project. Bankers Capital Corporation facilitates loan restructuring, construction/permanent loan acquisition, broker’s property acquisition/disposition on behalf of clients, and much more.

Bankers Capital Corporation brings people, projects and money together.

A Community Company

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Bankers Capital Corporation was originally established in 1990 to provide commercial mortgage banking services to individual investors and small-to-medium corporate borrowers.  Initially, Bankers Capital sought clients through licensed real estate brokers, developers and contractors.  Recently, banks became an additional source of new clients for Bankers Capital Corporation, as lenders wanted to assist their own customers but borrowing requests did not meet the newer, tougher underwriting regulations.

With extensive experience in three publicly-traded financial institutions, numerous board positions including an SBA Small Business Investment Corporation (SBIC) and as a founding board member of an SBA Certified Development Company (CDC), Douglas Batson, President of Bankers Capital, is keenly aware of the challenges of small business. His corporate background enabled him to structure Bankers Capital Corporation as a flexible “community company” bringing in talented, skilled individuals on a per-project basis. The elimination of daily cash flow pressure allowed Bankers Capital Corporation to survive periodic downward economic cycles over the last twenty-five years. Clients know Mr. Batson is accessible and will be personally involved in every financial transaction.

As a Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker, Mr. Batson and Bankers Capital Corporation have represented numerous individual and corporate clients in the quiet acquisition and sale of properties. Bankers Capital Corporation understands its role in sensitive and confidential financial matters. The client’s financial information belongs to the client and is disseminated–with permission–only to parties central to the lending, contracting, or resolution process.

Helping others achieve their dreams has always been part of the operating philosophy of Bankers Capital Corporation. This commitment has led the company to undertake loan work typically bypassed by other lenders. Montessori schools, medical clinics, rock quarries, horse farms, and other non-conforming types of loans have historically been a part of the Bankers Capital Corporation scope. Taking time to understand client need and then structuring a client-specific, succinct loan request and presentation is a skill that comes only through substantial and wide-ranging lending experience.

Reviving older underwriting and lending skills in HUD Multi-Family loans, HUD Nursing-Assisted Living Facilities and developing new skills in SBA real estate lending programs has broadened the customer base for the company. To expedite the delivery of loans under the SBA 504 program, Doug assisted in the formation of a new Certified Development Company. A CDC is the SBA required, corporate entity that delivers government financing to the borrower.  The current economic times have focused Bankers Capital and developers towards HUD and SBA projects.

The work of Bankers Capital Corporation does not end with creation of the loan structure, as the loan must then be placed with a lender that will support the credit and the borrower for the long term. This process means Bankers Capital Corporation invests much more time into a loan request than its competition. Success is derived from personal attention and service that bring people, projects and money together.

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Douglas A. Batson

Every day Doug Batson accesses more than forty years of insurance, securities, retail banking, real estate and commercial mortgage banking experience on behalf of his clients.  As president of Bankers Capital Corporation, he has facilitated the placement of millions of dollars in permanent, construction, and development financing for thousands of projects spanning a wide range of real estate product types.

Douglas is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and served as an officer in the United States Air Force, completing his Vietnam-era service with an Honorable Discharge.  After his military service, Doug began his banking career in the field of single-family finance, working for the mortgage division of the original Lubbock National Bank, a bank that serviced more single-family mortgage loans than any other bank in Texas.  This position took Doug to Amarillo and Austin where he made FHA, VA, and Conventional single-family residential mortgage loans.

In 1975, Doug accepted a position with City Bank, now Frost Bank.  It was there he supervised the bank’s considerable office and banking facilities, oversaw the construction of new drive-through facilities, the remodeling of numerous banking departments and new tenant finish-out, and served as the leasing agent for the downtown office tower, while simultaneously managing a portfolio of construction loans for bank clients.  In 1978, Doug implemented a sizable energy conservation project on the downtown bank building that received a national award from the U.S. Department of Energy and which was featured in an article in Texas Monthly Magazine.

His experience in retail banking took him to El Paso, Texas, where he worked for the predecessors to JP Morgan Chase National Bank.  As Senior Vice President, he directed the commercial real estate, and mortgage servicing and lending sectors for eight banks in the El Paso system.  Major real estate projects included Embassy Suites Hotels in El Paso and Lubbock, multiple HUD Multi-Family projects in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and land development and multi-purpose subdivisions including Cielo Durado, a high-end, fly-in subdivision developed in New Mexico.  He developed unique skills in Mexican loan programs and became a published author on articles concerning Maquiladora finance.

Six years in Victoria, Texas, broadened Doug’s banking and lending experience as president of a finance corporation for a twenty-three bank holding company now under the Wells Fargo flag.  While there, he also served as a director for an SBA Small Business Investment Corporation and as a member of the Advisory Board for the University of Houston-Victoria.

In 1989 the Batson family returned to Austin where Doug established Bankers Capital Corporation as a commercial mortgage banking company to assist clients trying to survive the difficult recession adversely affecting Texas.  With his in-depth knowledge of real estate structure and finance, Doug defined a corporate business structure that assured that the company could survive any recessionary climate and would involve Doug in every project undertaken by the company.

In 2006, with the support of the Small Business Administration in Houston and Washington, D.C., he became a founding board member of the Community Certified Development Corporation based in Houston, Texas.  Since its inception, the Community CDC has underwritten and approved more than one hundred SBA 504 real estate loans.

In 2014, Bankers Capital expanded operations to the DFW Metroplex to work on a $125mm project in the exploding real estate development area of west Plano known as Legacy.

Real Estate Finance

Land Acquisition
Interim Construction

Public Private Partnerships (P3)

Recent Texas legislation expands the types of facilities that can be developed using P3 formats. Bankers Capital is working on several P3 projects in the Southwest involving cities and private developers.

If you are considering work in the P3 arena, start with a call to Bankers Capital Corporation.

Loan Workout Negotiations

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
Short Sales
Debt Restructuring
Payment Renegotiation
Note Repurchase

Property Acquisition & Sales

As a Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker, Mr. Batson and Bankers Capital Corporation have represented numerous individual and corporate clients in quiet acquisitions and the sales of properties.

Energy Conservation, Reduction & Retrofit

Preliminary Energy Audits
Energy Usage Reductions
Retrofitting Financing and Incentives


Bankers Capital Corporation takes pride in its ability to define and resolve complex public and private real estate challenges. By creating a team unique to each client, Bankers Capital Corporation brings together individuals with in-depth skill sets who understand the problem and successfully implement resolutions. With more than thirty-five years of business, banking, finance and real estate experience, Bankers Capital Corporation has the resources to tap individuals with strong and proven industry skills, and create teams that can address any real estate issue or task.

The easiest money made is money not spent.

Bankers Capital Corporation works with the public and private sectors to retrofit buildings and reduce energy consumption.  The company collaborates with the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) and public/private utility companies to secure loans, grants, and incentives to finance the equipment, products, and labor necessary to make major modifications.  The result is a reduction in energy consumption and energy costs in both publicly and privately owned buildings.

Everyday, news stories appear about energy exploration, generation, and consumption, and utility costs and programs to encourage both the public and private sectors to conserve energy use.  Doug has been involved in the field of energy generation and conservation since the early 1970s when he served as an Aerospace Ground Engineering Officer in the U. S. Air Force. His group generated and distributed electrical energy for his mobile radar squadron which would deploy anywhere in the world in twenty-four hours.

In the late 1970s, after military service, Doug coordinated one of the first major electrical retrofit programs of a multi-story office building in Texas.  The year-long effort by a team of engineers, vendors, and contractors resulted in a major reduction in energy costs and usage.  The result garnered a national award from the U. S. Department of Energy, and earned national recognition documented in major newspapers and periodicals like Texas Monthly Magazine.

Contact Bankers Capital about bringing our team of energy experts to you.

A Note on Fiduciary Responsibility

Bankers Capital Corporation understands its role in sensitive and confidential financial matters. The client’s financial information belongs to the client and is disseminated, with permission, only to parties that are central to the lending, contracting or resolution process.  We realize that it becomes privy to plans and goals that are sometimes a lifetime in the making.  Guarding against the disclosure of that information is embedded in the moral compass of Bankers Capital Corporation.

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